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Originally founded in 1993 under the name Vancouver Island Powerline, our company underwent a significant transformation in 2017, rebranding as VIP Powerline Ltd. This strategic decision facilitated our expansion beyond the confines of Vancouver Island, opening expansive growth opportunities. Presently, VIP Powerline’s operations transcend national borders, encompassing both Canada and the United States through our independent subsidiary, VIP Powerline Corp.


To empower up and build out.

Our emphasis on empowering team members promotes collaboration, innovation, and personal growth, nurturing a successful culture. At the same time, our commitment to expansion underscores our dedication to broadening our reach, embracing diversity, and continuously evolving. This dual focus on internal empowerment and external growth drives our pursuit of sustained excellence in our industry.


Our Journey So Far



In 1993, Vancouver Island Powerline was founded by a young lineman who recognized a promising opportunity. A local of the island, our ambitious entrepreneur took a bold step to establish himself as a powerline contractor with a small crew in Victoria, BC.



This year marked the expansion of Vancouver Island Powerline with the opening of a second field office in Campbell River.


One Team Philosophy

We believe that the collective strength of our team is greater than any individual effort.

We are united by a shared purpose and work towards common goals, recognizing that collaboration and cooperation are essential for our success. We understand that by working together, leveraging our diverse skills, experiences, and perspectives, we can overcome challenges and achieve remarkable outcomes. Our One Team Philosophy encourages open communication, trust, and empathy among our team members, enabling us to build strong relationships and create a positive work culture.

VIP Powerline Ltd
COR Certified
IBEW 258
VIP Powerline Corp
Gold Shovel Standard
Digger Derrick
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